Green New HOU

Houston can no longer be known as the city of fossil fuels, flooding,
and injustice. We must demand a turnaround.

A GREEN NEW HOU means having the courage, in the city that’s known for oil and gas, to fight back, and demand a turnaround.

A GREEN NEW HOU means battling corruption in our politics, and reimagining public health, public safety, and public service.

A GREEN NEW HOU is a comprehensive policy platform to reimagine Houston’s future.

What exactly is a Green New HOU?

Pervez has spent the last few years of his life at the forefront of climate and energy issues. He’s worked on and helped build some of the country’s largest wind and solar projects, and has personally taught climate/energy economics and policy. Houston needs bold, innovative leadership to steer it through the climate crisis, and free our economy from the shackles of oil and gas corporations. Pervez actually started his career off as a young 22-year old in the oil and gas industry, but now he openly faces the facts. If humanity, and Houston are to progress, they must work to immediately address the climate crisis and protect their citizens from such a cyclical and polluting industry. Pervez’s career transitioning from oil and gas engineer to renewable energy developer is proof of the possibility of an energy transition, but it is now consensus sentiment on the ground in Houston that this transition needs to happen on a much faster, and equitable scale. 

The campaign’s vision and climate policy platform is to build a Green New HOU, and build a Houston for future generations. The platform is focused primarily on:

  1. A Green economic jobs corridor focused on bringing thousands of clean energy focused jobs to Houston, and a clean energy / energy transition jobs guarantee to all Houstonians currently working in Oil and Gas. No worker should suffer or be jobless as we prioritize a green revolution.

  2. A Greener, healthier city with multi-modal methods of transportation readily available for every Houstonian. We aim to prioritize funding for local infrastructure improvements to target climate affected areas, and to increase local bike-paths, pedestrian walkability, and finally, more equitable public transportation. Think local light rails, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), and support for climate resiliency!

3. Ending fossil fuel and big industry dominance in Houston politics. No more oil and gas companies or industry PACs donating to elected officials, or candidates for office. No big developers pushing politicians to prioritize highway expansions, or pour concrete in wealthier zip codes when thousands of Houstonians are demanding equitable, and sustainability focused community development. We must think of allocating federal dollars to and establishing sustainability focused goals in our most neglected communities, that are most often black and brown communities.

The Agwan For Congress team is working hard on developing community-focused and climate-oriented policy proposals that we will be releasing over the course of the campaign. Stay up to-date with our campaign by signing up for updates here.