Issues and Policies

Systemic greed in a government run by corporations, dishonest politicians, & billionaire money is ruining our country.  These are systemic, federal policy failures. We have BOLD, SYSTEMIC policy solutions.

This campaign’s policies are premised on a new vision for America, one where your zip code doesn’t determine your future, a vision where the color of your skin doesn’t dictate your life’s outcomes, and one where we avoid a climate catastrophe by ensuring our economy and commerce don’t plunder the finite resources of our one and only planet.

Our comprehensive policy platform is guided by the 10 key themes shown below.

The Agwan For Congress team is working hard on developing community focused and climate-oriented policy proposals adhering to these 6 themes that we will be releasing over the course of the campaign. Stay up to-date with our campaign by signing up for updates here.

Universal Medicare For All

We are one of the only developed nations with a for-profit healthcare system. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Health insurance & big pharma giants see record profits, while medical bankruptcies are the leading cause of American bankruptcies. Meanwhile, your current elected officials are taking thousands of dollars from these insurance giants. UNACCEPTABLE!


Dark money, corporate dollars, big industry lobbyists, Super-PACs, & billionaire spending need to go. Dishonest politicians taking millions to get elected is blatant corruption. Our officials should represent US, not corporations, or industry lobbyists.


20 people own more wealth than nearly half of the population. Corporate profits are at record highs while countless Americans suffer. It’s time to put an end to this greedy & predatory system. PEOPLE OVER PROFIT.


A Green New HOU means re-imagining Houston, and in the city known for fossil fuels, fighting back. We demand funding for trains, buses, green spaces, and healthier living. We demand a green economic corridor with good-paying, union + GREEN jobs for ALL Houstonians. We demand CHANGE.


We need a new vision for America. A bloated military budget, broken foreign policy, U.S. aid to apartheid states, and failures in domestic safety policy (guns, criminal justice, etc.) all have systemic roots. Be the revolution.


We need to end nationwide housing insecurity, immediately. Housing is a human right, and if we are to eliminate homelessness in this society, we start with providing housing for those in need. Housing insecurity must be addressed.

Equality and Justice.
for all. for everyone.

Hatred is now and has always been the largest threat to American democracy. Everyone deserves to be protected from discrimination, hatred, & oppression.  We need someone who will stand up and push back against this message of hate and fight for EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE.  Hate against members of any community on the basis of their skin color, ethnicity, religion, identity, or sexual orientation IS UNACCEPTABLE. Our campaign stands in solidarity with all oppressed and persecuted communities.

reproductive freedom:
support a woman's right
to choose

We need to codify in law a woman’s right to choose at the federal level and provide free, accessible reproductive care to ensure the safety and well-being of all women in this country. Her body, her choice. Period. WE CAN’T STOP at the right to choose; we need to make sure that whatever choice a woman makes is one that she can afford by providing free, accessible reproductive healthcare. Total reproductive freedom NOW.

common sense gun policy

Uvalde. Parkland. Santa Fe. NO MORE. 40,000 people die from gun violence in the United States every year. The gun lobby shouldn’t get to prioritize their profits over our lives. We need weapons of war off of our streets. We shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not it’s safe to send our kids to school. We need a top to bottom approach that doesn’t stop at background checks. Take gun lobby money out of congress.

education is a human right

We shouldn’t let the rich make the decisions about who gets a decent education. It is no longer possible to work your way through school the way our parents did: the cost of a college degree has tripled since the 1980s. Education is a HUMAN RIGHT and all Americans should have access to a free college education. First we need to forgive all federal student debt, and then we need to dismantle the for-profit education industrial complex to make it easier, not harder for all Americans to access higher education.