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What voters should know about this competitive race

Pervez Agwan is an MIT Graduate, a proud father, a loving husband, and grew up in Fort Bend County. He is running against someone who no longer reflects the interests of the recently re-drawn district.

Primary voters across both Fort Bend County and Harris County should know that in this new district, Lizzie Fletcher is bankrolled by right-wing groups like AIPAC and the big-oil lobbies that fund Ted Cruz, and Dan Crenshaw.

Lizzie Fletcher, our opponent: Washington insider


Pervez Agwan: Texas Progressive & Champion of working class families


  • Lizzie Fletcher is anti-labor. She’s a union-busting corporate lawyer who personally profited off the pain of working-class immigrant women. Labor rallied against her in 2018, as can be read here.
  • Lizzie Fletcher is anti-environment. She takes more oil and gas corporate executive money than MAGA Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw.
  • Lizzie Fletcher cannot be trusted to stand up to Republican extremists. She is bankrolled by right-wing groups like AIPAC that support MAGA Republicans and insurrectionists.
  • Lizzie Fletcher is a pro-war candidate that refuses to call for a ceasefire in Gaza while thousands of innocent children are dying.


  • Pervez Agwan is a champion for working class families.
  • He is the son of a blue collar worker who lost his life at the hands of the predatory insurance industry.
  • Pervez will fight to guarantee healthcare as a human right to all Americans by passing Medicare for All.
  • He will build a Green New Economy that works for all of Houston by delivering the jobs of the future and making sure they’re all unionized.
  • Pervez Agwan is fighting to end Washington corruption and rejects all corporate PAC money. He is the only candidate who is not bought and sold by lobbyists.
  • Pervez is the only candidate who will stand up to Republican extremists and end the crisis in Gaza by fighting for a permanent ceasefire.

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