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Houston, we stand on the front lines of a critical juncture in our democratic process. Our District TX-07 Democratic primary is under assault, not from outside forces, but from within our borders by Republican billionaires. Their intent is clear: to safeguard Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu’s aggressive policies at the expense of our local governance. I […]

Empowerment Through Choice: Fostering a Future Where All Women Thrive Imagine a future where every decision a woman makes about her health and life is met with unwavering support and respect. In this future, dignity, autonomy, and empowerment aren’t just ideals—they’re the foundation of our society. I, Pervez Agwan, share this dream and am committed […]

Charting a New Course in Houston’s District 07: My Pledge for Transparency and Community Power As we stand at the cusp of a pivotal election in Houston’s Newly Re-Drawn Congressional District 07, I want to share with you my vision for a new era in politics – one grounded in transparency and powered by our […]

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