Republican billionaires are funding my opponent, and we must fight back

Houston, we stand on the front lines of a critical juncture in our democratic process. Our District TX-07 Democratic primary is under assault, not from outside forces, but from within our borders by Republican billionaires. Their intent is clear: to safeguard Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu’s aggressive policies at the expense of our local governance.

I am Pervez Agwan, and today I draw the line. We will not capitulate to those who treat our democracy as a commodity, who wield their text message campaigns like weapons to sow discord and spread misinformation. These tactics—smearing a candidate who dares to challenge the status quo—are the desperate acts of those who play kingmaker, attempting to mold our district’s voice to their will.

These text messages sent by Fletcher or her allies, purported to divide us, have instead unveiled a truth we must confront. They reveal a concerted effort to undermine our primary, casting me as a threat due to my Muslim-American identity. This is not politics; this is an affront to our collective values, an attempt to fracture the diverse and united fabric of Houston.

Lizzie Fletcher’s response, or lack thereof, to the controversy surrounding these text messages is indicative of a campaign content to float downstream with the currents of PAC contributions, rather than stand firm on the bedrock of principle and integrity.

We cannot stand idly by as the narrative of our primary is hijacked by shadowy figures and their agendas. Our democracy is not a plaything for the affluent and the influential, nor is our foreign policy a chess piece for those who disregard human dignity.

As Democrats, we hold certain truths to be self-evident: that every voice is equal, every vote is sacred, and every individual is entitled to representation free from the corrupting influence of dark money. This election is our collective opportunity to uphold these truths, to render a resounding verdict against those who would erode them.

Houston, let’s unite with a resolve as steadfast as the foundations of our nation. Let’s cast our ballots not just as a choice between candidates, but as a clarion call for the very essence of democracy.

Our stand is unequivocal. We will not yield to the machinations of billionaire kingpins or their attempts to shield Netanyahu’s hardline stance. We will not let underhanded tactics determine the fate of our district.

Join me in this defining moment. Let’s make our voices heard loud and clear. Let’s affirm our commitment to a democracy that serves the many, not the few.

Unbought. Unbossed. Unyielding. This is our stand.

Pervez Agwan

For U.S. Congress

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May 2024
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